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the megHanis bio

Here is the skinny, the down-low, and what is shakin’ with the megHanis (pronounced may-gone-iss (like hiss without the h).

I am a San Diegan through and through…just ask any of my college buddies from Northern California and they will say that I am ridiculously crazy in love with San Diego.  It is my heart and person through and through.

The beginning of my transition into adulthood started when  I went up north for college and attended UC Davis (on the 5 year plan), where I met amazing people, was introduced to the “finer” things in college life, and learned that I have a huge passion for traveling. I had dreamt of becoming a veterinarian for cheetahs and was going to be employed by the San Diego Zoo, but those plans sort of fell through, and I wound up over in liberal arts and graduated with a degree in International Relations, focusing on People, their cultures and nationalities. What I did not realize is how I would utilize that degree in just one short year after my graduation…though not conventionally.

I headed back to San Diego, but then decided that the world was calling my name, and I set out to conquer it…or parts. I traveled through parts of Africa, Europe, India, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam on a 6 month tour through the Northern Hemisphere. It brought me back to San Diego, only to push me out once again, where I landed in Phoenix, AZ for a year and a half.  I have since learned that the Phoenix area gets quite toasty during the summers times and decided that my delicate skin was best suited for the lovely, hardly ever changing weather of San Diego.

I have since landed back in my favorite US city with my husband, our first “daughter” (of the 4-legged furry nature) and are expecting [any day] the arrival of our first human addition to our family, also a daughter.

Personality wise, I have been told that I am an old soul, but that doesn’t mean you need to break out the walkers and Metamucil just yet. I have an outgoing and usually upbeat personality. I will talk to just about anything that crosses my path (whether it be human, animal, plant or an inanimate object). I am a Jane of All Trades, Master of None (except of cliches, apparently), and I am incredibly loyal to those who have earned my trust. I am independent by nature, but love the company of others.  I love to explore the world beyond just to see what it holds, and I love to constantly learn, mostly through experiences.

Basically, I think I am one cool kid. We will see what you think.

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