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26 Days and Counting! (04/27/05)

July 13, 2010

With just a little under one month to go, the excitement is starting to build! I have just put in my end of job notice, and let me tell you that showing up for work is becoming harder and harder! Why is it that when you finally tell your boss that you are leaving it is so much harder to convince yourself that going to work is worthwhile? I had been talking about leaving for, well, since about January (not to him, of course), and it didn’t seem as painful to get dressed in my tuxedo pants and banqueting jacket as it does now. Of course, I am coming up on my 10th month here, and this is actually the longest job I think that I have ever kept, so that may have something to do with it too!

On another note…for those of you who knew that I have been dating a guy that I work with at the Catamaran (the Cat, for short), whose name is Hugo, I just I would let you know that we broke up a week ago. I have not dated in a long time, and I had forgotten how horrible break ups make you feel. Now, I realize this seems logical, but it is easy to forget the painful things when you avoid them. Now, I/we both knew that this day would come, as I had made it very clear when we first started thinking about dating that I would be leaving in May, and that I would be leaving with “no strings attached.” People kept asking me what I was going to do with the situation, and well, with a little bit of alcohol and stifled emotions, funny how quickly a break up can occur when not planned (we dated for a little under 4 months…my longest relationship since high school)! Note to all, having an in depth, emotional talk about your current relationship while under the influence of alcohol is really not a good mixture. Hugo is a
wonderful, kind and beautiful person, and we had a good time together, but we are really different personalities, and look at life differently in some areas that ultimately for me were not working out.

Amazing that it has only been a week, but it has been one of the longer weeks in my recent life. I go back and forth between missing him and telling myself, “well, you knew it was going to happen anyway.” Such is life, eh? Why isn’t there a handbook out there that lays all this out for you? Another note to all: DON’T DATE AT THE WORKPLACE! One would think that I had learned this the first time around, but some of us are just a little “slower” than others! Heh.

Enough of that! I have also been persuaded by my Mother and Aunt to go ahead and get the Rabies shots. Fun, but hey, at least now I can go out and pet monkeys! I must say, it is a strange relief that when I am out pounding on rusty stakes in our front yard with my Dad (don’t ask, just accept it!), or when I am replacing the broken window in my truck’s camper shell, that I know I have just about every vaccination a human could possibly get that can keep me safe from disease. I am basically safe to go anywhere in the world right now! How crazy is that?

My last day of work is May 14, 2005. If anyone feels like making a trip down to San Diego at all…I will have a bunch of free time in between May 15-May 20. I know that is not a large window, but I thought that I would put it out there.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week, and I will write again soon!


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