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The B/F, Part One…because I am too wordy for just one UBER long blog, like this title

February 11, 2008


Since Valetine’s Day is coming up, I thought it was about time to unveil the boyfriend to my friends…all the mushy details of how we met, and how in the heck I wound up back in the lovliest city out there…San Diego!!!

Focus is the name of the game, right? Well, I am going to try that concept out tonight by focusing on one topic for you all. My boyfriend. That is right folks, I somehow managed to tie down some poor unsuspecting soul and call him my own, for, well, going on almost 8 months now. Lucky ME!!!

So, do you wanna hear all about it? All the mushy gushy stuff? I will shy away from more, er, intimate details, but I would like to share with you one of the main reasons I moved back to San Diego, CA…I mean other than that fact that well, why would you want to live anywhere else?

Here are the quickie stats:

Name: Frank Lopez, Jr. aka Boyfriend

What I call him: Jay, because I first knew him as Lopey, and then couldn’t quite coordinate Frank into that, refused to call him JR (just not good memories of past JR’s I have met), so it fell to Jay. He likes to say that I am just too lazy to finish his nickname of JR. He has been JR to his family since he was 4, and self proclaimed that his name, in fact was JR, NOT Junior!

Age: 26…a whopping 42 days younger than me, and he is always calling me OLD! The nerve!

Ethnicity: Half Hawaiian/Half Mexican

Height: 6’1″, or Amazon, as I prefer to call it (I am the American average of 5’5″, so almost everyone is taller than me)

Personality: Perfect for me…talkative with me, a bit rough on the outer shell, but a bit of a romantic on the inside, but definitely does not let me always have my way, and just nerdy enough to make me laugh (or at least smile) almost all of the time.

Occupation: Eh, still working on finding the right fit…for the moment is in the mortgage industry…but we all know how that is going.

So, that is the quick run down. Now for the fun stuff. How we met and came to be a couple. Now, if you ask him, you will get a slightly different story as to how all of this panned out…but I am right, so no need to bother hunting him down. =D

How it Started

It all started with a picture, a group, an email and MySpace. Yes, we are one of those couples that met on MySpace. But you want to know the crazy part? It is actually because we graduated from the the same high school…in the same year!! That is right, we were both Scotties from Helix {Charter} High School who graduated in (and partied like it was) 1999! I mean seriously, what are the odds? Especially since the school wasn’t that big (somewhere between 2300 – 3000 students), and I was on the yearbook squad for 3 of those four years. One would think that we would have run into one another at some point (he says we did, and I just didn’t say hello…but for anyone that knows me…me not say hello to someone? NEVER!), but nope, never.

I was even on the Varsity Softball team, and he was on the Baseball team all four years, but again, never crossed paths. And it is not exactly like he is a short guy, so I would have noticed/remembered if he said hello, but no.

But, I digress. How is started.

I had actually created a group on MySpace for Helix1999 graduates as a place for lost friendships to be found. Well, apparently he was cruising along the page one day, spotted me as the moderator…and just had to chat with me, but how to do it? Well, with a MySpace email, of course, which read a little something like this:

No Subject

” Your Profile song is phnenomenal

Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.. It was theme song of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 because the first two movies were good enough to have a third I guess!!! Yes closet dork for sure .”

Now, normally I would never even open an email from someone I don’t know, let alone one without a Subject. But I kept staring at the picture thinking that he looked familiar and when I finally clicked on the picture, I found that he and I had attended the same high school. I then figured that he must have either played baseball or football and I knew him from yearbook (but after trying to find him in the yearbook, I came to realize that Yearbook was not the source, he was no where to be found!). So, I was stumped. But then, I re-read the email and found the last line where he called me a dork! I know that doesn’t seem like something that would really capture your heart (and I won’t say that it did at the time), but it definitely caught my attention. Someone that I didn’t know was actually ballsy enough to call me a straight out dork! I found out later that it was actually a calling the kettle black sort of deal, and actually, even funnier is that he was calling himself a dork, not me! Ah, the downfall of email communication.
So, time passed, we flirted, we chatted (only on myspace), and then….this is always his favorite part of the story to tell…St. Patrick’s Day came along and I met some random, nice guy in the beer line at the Flogging Molly concert (I had three large beers to carry, but only two hands, what is a girl to do?) , and well, we started to hang out…and I stopped chatting with Jay because it is impossible for me to talk to two guys at once. I have never been able to do it, and since I had never actually chatted with Jay in person/over the phone, I thought I would the guy that I could physically see and talk to a try…obviously I chose Jay in the end, but there was about a 3 week period that I did not correspond with him at all (though, if you ask him, it can span anywhere between 3 weeks to 3 months to 3 years!!! A bit on the exaggerator side…perfect for me, again)….

So, time passes and the other guy falls to the wayside…but how do we rekindle our flame???? More to come in Part Deux!

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