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San Diego Fires 2007

October 22, 2007

San Diego Fires 2007
For those of you who know about the San Diego fires, I just wanted to
let you all know that as of now, my parents, my sister and I are doing
fine. We are not in harms way. My Aunt Susan and Uncle Paul are now
included in the evacuation area and are making their way out of the
Rancho Santa Fe (Del Mar) area.

As of now there are 7 wildfires in the county. Most of them are in
the northern county areas. I just wanted to give you a quick update
on at least my family’s status. If you want to check out information,
or if you are in the San Diego are and would like to know the areas to
go to help (or to avoid), you can check out:

http://www.kogo. com/cc-common/ news/sections/ newsarticle. html?feed= 125548


http://www.signonsandiego. com (though this is the major newspaper for San
Diego and the website is just getting slammed).


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