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I am the smartest person in the world!

July 18, 2007

So, is it Wednesday?  It must be, because I locked my keys in my car….AGAIN!!! My head is attached to my shoulders, but I am still wondering about the brain that is supposed to be in that knowgan of mine!  At least I waited until my AAA membership renewed so I now, again, have 4…well, 3 more, “PLEASE COME GET MY KEYS OUT OF MY CAR BECAUSE I AM TOO FLIGHTY TO REMEMBER TO DO IT MYSELF!” get out of jail cards.  Hmmm…common sense is apparently not so common.  Thankfully, AAA is quick to respond in the mornings.  I only had to wait 15 minutes!  How are your Wednesdays starting out?

I do however still have a smile on my face.  I just went to Rocky Point, Mexico last week/weekend for my first “real” vacation in quite awhile.  It was a girls only trip and it was FANTASTIC!  Nothing but waking up to looking out over the Sea of Cortez, some pool action, a little bit of beach/water action, mixed with a bit of shopping…maybe a tequila bar in there somewhere, though I did not part-take as too many college memories came rushing back up my esophagus as I took a whiff of the home brewed tequila.  All in all, a much needed break from the daily grind.

I just cut my hair (again) last night.  I now resemble Katie Holmes’s latest hairstyle.  I will be putting up a picture of it soon.  However, I am also in the process of uploading ALL my pictures up into my flickr account, so check out my pictures that I have loaded up already.

Katie 1

Katie 2

Love to all!


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