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How to NOT Start Your Morning

July 6, 2007

Sip of coffee

Some days you should just really stay home and out of the public eye. This was how my morning started off about two weeks ago. I should have just stayed home and out of my own way:

My morning started off with being freaked out at 4:30am this morning because I thought we had someone rummaging around in our house. But then as I became more conscious, I realized that it was just Brian, our extra part-time roomie and not a burglar or the boogyman. However, I had my softball bat lying next to my bed and let me tell you, he was LUCKY that I decided to wake up a bit more before flying through my door to beat the pulp out of the poor guy.

Then by 6:30am this morning, there was a helicopter that kept flying in circles overhead. This is not too far out of the ordinary as I thought that it was just for St. Jo’s which is just down the street by about 20 blocks. They have a heliopad, so I just figured some poor soul was being transported to the hospital. Except that the helicopter kept circling the entire time I was getting ready to go to work. I found out that the reason was NOT because someone was being transported to the hospital but instead because the entire block directly across the way from our condo was blocked off (yellow tape and everything) with about 10 cop cars and loads of people milling around. The helicopter was taping the event for the morning news. Nice. This was at 7:10am.

So, I decided to head off to work hoping for a better start to my day once I was at work. I actually managed to be 25 minutes early to work instead of the usual 5 minutes late (I hit all green lights on the way to work), so I decided to go buy me, Sue and Heather (the awesome HR team) some coffee from my favorite local roaster (I like supporting local businesses). I ordered my usual iced soy mocha and a couple of Red Eyes for the girls. I took a couple of sips to keep it from overflowing all over my truck and headed onto work. Only, when I got to work, I noticed that there were weird white floaty things at the bottom (I suppose that this would make them “sinkies”) of my coffee (quite the bummer since you pay $3 for the darn thing). I thought maybe it was just added flavoring? Yeah, no. It was the curdled soy milk that was hanging out at the bottom of the coffee. Yum. So what do I decide to do with it? Throw it down the drain? Heck no! I just poured the non-chunky part into a new cup and went on my merry way (yes, I was probably that kid that ate Skittles off of the sidewalk). I have the stomach with the strength of a rock; except that I can’t drink milk because I am lactose intolerant (but I make exceptions for ice cream every so often), I can’t eat beef because my stomach gets all tied up in knots, I can only eat organic popcorn, milk chocolate doesn’t go over so well, onions…only on Wednesdays, but other than that I have the stomach of a champ!

So, I finally sit down to start my day and what do I do within the first 20 minutes? Knock over my coffee. But not just a tiny spill, oh no! I had been a real genius and stuck the now curdledless coffee in a little nook right between my keyboard/CPU/monitor holding thing and when I opened up one of the drawers to grab a sticky note, I managed to spill the whole damn cup all over the top of my desk, underneath my CPU, over bills that needed to paid, onto the floor, onto the power outlet…yup, I am a genius. So, that put me in a fair mood with myself for a bit there. I went through almost an entire roll of paper towels, a couple of sponges and to top it off, my room smelled like curdled soy mocha with a cholorox twist for the rest of the day. Not exactly a scent I would recommend bottling and selling.

Lesson of the story? If you order a soy mocha and it comes with curdled soy milk, for the love of Pete, THROW IT OUT!!! Oh yeah and don’t eat Skittles you pick up on the sidewalk. They probably aren’t too good for your health either.



PS. Check out my flickr photos. I moved some of my traveling photos over into the account. I will be continually uploading older photos as I go along here. Nothing like sharing a moment with everyone I do and do not know!

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