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From 74 to 101 in just 55 minutes

June 12, 2007

(I realize that this is a month overdue, but hey, no one has EVER commented on how “on-time” I run…this was for the May 11-13 weekend)

Now, this may not sound very speedy, but trust me, when it is you who is going from heavenly weather (aka San Diego ), to the hellish “delight” of an inferno (aka Phoenix ), 55 minutes (length of the flight from San Diego to Phoenix) is very quick indeed!  Although, due to my return to village of Phoenix , the desert decided to take a small hiatus from hell, and we are currently lolling around in the comfortable 98 degree range—you know, spring!

This past weekend was “FamTime.” I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot have quality time with the Fam or the friends if I try to mix the two into one weekend.  It ends up becoming too scheduled:
“Ok, well, I arrive into SD at 7:30pm, and it takes 24 minutes and 36 seconds (if I hit the green light at Fletcher Parkway and Baltimore) to get to Lauren’s house.  From there, it will take me another 15 minutes (ok, 40) to change into my “going out” outfit (because you know I can’t travel in my going out wear).  Then, as long as I fly underneath the radar, I can meet you out in PB for a night cap.  But, then on Saturday, I have first coffee with Mom, then some car part hunting with Dad, I might be able to pencil you in for a quick phone chat on the ride from the P-Unit’s household to Lauren’s house (about 45 seconds), but then I have to meet Lauren for lunch…” and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I like having a structure for traveling, but when it becomes more job to just spend time with your family and friends than it is to actually work at your job all week, there is something wrong with how you are going about your “fun time.”  So, now I alternate weekends between family and friends, because I am just that popular.  Oh yeah.

So, anyway, this past weekend was Mommy’s Weekend, quick happened to nicely coincide with Daddy’s Birthday, so of course I had to fly home!  The weekend was actually quite eventful:  Lauren picked me up from the airport and we headed out to hang with Erin, my friend from high school who is now living in La Jolla (tough life, eh?).  We chatted for a bit, did some local bar hanging, chatting with people we didn’t know (a specialty of mine), and then finally made it home, waaaay past my bedtime!

Saturday was “Go watch your sister play (and win) her softball games down in Pacific Beach , while lazily enjoying the nippy, yet sunny weather (and forgetting to put sunscreen on).”  Again, tough life.  Then heading back to La Mesa to do some parent hanging and to gaze in awe at the newest version of 8140 Stadler Street !!  We then headed up to Viejas Casino for some grubbing action (no need to throw quarters in machines when there is food awaiting you!!) at the “All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Buffet” for only $16.95!  Mmm, mmm goodness.  Shrimp, crab legs, beef stuff, the Mexican food station, the potatoes and rice station, the salad station, and then the most important one…the dessert station!!  German chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, fruit tarts, cookies…mmm.

But here is the kicker: I actually got my parents and Aunt to go to a music concert with me!! And to see a musician they had never heard of!! Talk about ballsy!  Or, at least I think so.  Of course, the artist was Joss Stone, so a fairly mild version of “kids these days” music, but still, completely random.  I am keeping the ticket just to prove to myself in years to come that I actually attended a concert (that I remember…being 3 months old doesn’t count) with my parents in toe!  This was my “present” for my Daddy’s birthday.  You know, taking him to a concert of an artist that I like, but he has never heard of before…talk about, wait, what is that called? Indian gift giving or something?  Sorry, my grey hairs are kicking in.  Yes, I have grey hairs…4 to be exact, well, 5, except my hair stylus cut one out last time I got my hair cut and I haven’t seen the little bugger since.

As a side comment, Joss Stone is absolutely amazing to see in concert!  You feel like you are a friend just sitting down for a cup o’ tea to chat and carry on.  She has a great stage presence!  The two before her, I could have done without, especially Ryan Shaw (not a fan at all.  The guy has a great talent, but goes way overboard with wrapping religion in with too crazy of vocals).  Javier was better, but I was not whole heartedly impressed, but give huge props to going up in front of a large group of people and singing his heart out.

Then Sunday was Mommy/Auntie’s Day.  We (Mom, Dad, Susan, Uncle Paul, ME!!) headed down to Coronado to partake in the brunch at Hotel Del.  Now, I do have to say that it is still odd going to brunches because what goes through my head is not, “Wow!  Look at all this tasty food!”  Nope, instead what goes through my head is, “Well, the presentation is good.  They could have used another riser there and it looks like a Sterno is running low.”  Too many months as a banquet server, I suppose.
But here is the best part.  Well, I will start off with I made the family late.  In my mind, 2:30pm was the meeting time (and had that actually been the case, we would have TOTALLY been on time), but it was actually 2:00pm.  So, yes Dad, I made the family late (once).  He likes to rub that one in, however I have an even better touché for you!
My Dad literally swayed himself out of that banquet hall!  He discovered the wondrous Mimosa fairies.  Almost like the tooth fairy, but instead of bringing you quarters while you are sleeping, these fairies bring full glasses of mimosas to the table while you are loading up on more food!  It is the best deal I have ever come across!  That, and I have NEVER seen my Dad tipsy (and stay up to talk about it) in public!  And talk about a death grip!  He was not giving up those champagne glasses for anything!  He was convinced that we needed to find these rare breeds of mimosa oranges and plant them in the backyard…which, hey, if they exist, you KNOW I would be first in line!

All in all, a fantastic family weekend!



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