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How to Cure Your Snail Mail Blues

April 30, 2007

Snail Mail

Snail Mail

What is it about receiving things in the mail that still makes you smile and feel excited about what may or may not be in that package? Anything, and I do mean ANYTHING that I get via snail mail gets me all excited. In our high tech world that we live in, handwritten memos and “care packages” almost seem to be the thing of the past, and it is a sad, sad thing. Luckily I have great relatives who still send me random care packages, and I have one Auntie who never fails to send me a monthly calendar which highlights the events that are going on around the Phoenix area. She makes it all artsy-crafty and colorful (and anyone who knows me, KNOWS I love colorful things!! Oooo, pretty and shiny!), with pictures and little narratives to boot. It is really quite a kick. But, outside of this monthly calendar, it is pretty much all about emails and MySpace for ways of conversing.

Snail Mail-wise, it has gotten to the point where I get all giggly over receiving my next Netflix movie, and I already know which movie is coming!! In fact, just today, I received a book that I had bought online, and since than 30 seconds had passed since I bought the book, I had completely forgotten about the purchase. Therefore, when I received it at work today, it was like Christmas, or my birthday!! I couldn’t wait to rip it open and see what I had bought (the advantages to having a short memory span…everything is always a surprise!)! I really am easily entertained. Darn it.

Anyway, here is my suggestion to end this whole depression of not receiving anything in the mail (because whether you admit to it or not, you KNOW you love receiving mail): Buy something really random and make sure it takes at least 2 weeks to get to you. This does one of two things (ok, well, maybe three): 1) It makes you super exciting in the anticipation of receiving your purchase; 2) You pull a megHan, and completely forget about the purchase so it is a complete and utter surprise when you open the package; 3) Or it annoys the hell out of you that you have to wait so darn long to receive your item. I prefer the out come of options #1 and #2 better.

So, that is my stint on Snail Mail. Just do it.

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