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The Perfect Weekend

March 4, 2007

 I know that I may bitch and moan about the AZland, but you know, sometimes there are just those perfect weekends that make you say, “Damn I am lucky that I live here!”  That was this weekend for me.

It started out with a semi early Saturday.  I was up at 7:30am, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, someone had rolled out the red carpet from my doorstep down to my truck for me, and all the traffic lights were green on my drive into Scottsdale to meet up with Vanessa and her friend Jill for our first 5k run.  Ok, so maybe I was stretching it a bit with the green light bit, but you get the picture.  It was a great Saturday morning, and absolutely beautiful temperature for a run.


Run?  You?  A RUN?  I know.  Some of you are staring at your screen say, no, there has got to be some mistake!  Meghan doesn’t run.  Well, you are…right…I do more of this jogging-loping thing that sort of resembles running, but that is what I like to call it, running.

Vanessa is on my softball team, and we have started to go out on hikes in the surrounding Phoenix area, and she was telling me how she wants to keep herself motivated to keep in shape is to continually enter herself into 5k runs.  I sort of mulled that one over in my head and decided that it didn’t sound like such a crazy thought, and said, eh, what the heck!  I can sort of lope a 1 mile on the treadmill, how hard could another couple of miles be (5k=3.2miles), right? Heh, yeah, well…there is a big difference between running on something that is propelling you forward, and the hard, unhelpful cement pathways of El Dorado Park!

Actually, we both did much better times than either one of us had done on the treadmill.  It ended up that we ran just over a 9 minute mile.  I have not run that fast (and yes, that IS fast for me), since I was a freshman in HIGH school!  It has been over 10 years (holy bat balls that is a long time!) since I have run that fast!  And we actually ended up finishing it without ever walking…though you know I wanted to!

So, anyway, we of course celebrated our victory by finding the closest sports bar and having a bloody mary and some chips and salsa, and then head home to shower.  Nice and healthy.  We rounded out the day by heading off to the rodeo at WestWorld.  Yes, there were cows and horses (and even better…cowboys!!).  They did fun things like barrel racing, team roping and riding bucking broncs!  It is quite an experience.  And what type of shoes did megHan where to this event?  Why heals of course!! Someday I am going to need to find someone that can shake some sense into me and tell me that wearing brand new platforms to a NASCAR race is probably not the most intelligent thing I could have done, and that heals (though they were thick and sturdy) to a rodeo, well, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure that one out.  But I made it through, and without buying any hats (though there was a pink sparkley cowgirl hat that tempted me!) or taking any cowboys home with me, so I would have to say it was fairly successful night!

Sunday was even better.  Woke up late, made some french toast for breakfast…did a bit of cleaning around the house.  Then I headed back out to Scottsdale to meet up with Vanessa and Jill for some Spring Training action.  We saw the Giants vs the Mariners game, or at least the 3rd inning through half of the 7th inning.  That is about all the more baseball I can handle.  I got a hotdog and a couple of beers…sat out on the lawn in the sun and just lounged.  Nothing beats that!  Though a home run did head out my way, and I was sitting there going, please do not come my way and make me have to put my beer down to save my life.  I just wasn’t feeling it.  Luckily it fell a bit short of me and bounced off the guy in front of me.  Crazy thing about baseball games is how hyped up people/guys become over these little white objects that are propelled at them with a 90mph velocity.  You know you can buy those things at the swap-meet for about 25 cents, right?

But, it was a great day for some chill-axing, and then we all headed over to Whit’s and my place for some BBQ-ing action, which would have gone all fine and dandy if Vanessa’s car had not been broken into (have I mentioned the great part of town that I live in?).  Luckily all they got was the faceplate to her radio, and smashed out her window.  Ah, Phoenix.  The land of wonders.  It is supposed to be in the low-mid 80s all this week, capping out at 91 for Saturday.  It is almost time for some swimming pool time, but not quite yet.  I don’t get into pools now unless they are at 80s or more.  I am a pool snob, yes, I know.

I know that this was not super enthralling to read, but I just wanted to point out to you all that for about 2 weeks out of the year, Phoenix is the best city to live in! =)

Have a great week, and may the traffic light gods be with you in your journeys!


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