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Airplanes are soo yesterday’s news!

February 24, 2007

A long road ahead

Throw another 24 pak of water in the back! 64oz? EVEN BETTER!! Bring on the hair gel, the hairspray, the lotion and the 20oz bottles of soda! Nothing makes it into my bag unless it is at least 3.1oz of liquid or more!! Bring on the nail files, the scissors, the tweezers and metal boxes. Laptops? Yup and you can leave them in their briefcases. Shoes are required to stay ON! Weapons? Well, as long as you are not in California, feel free. Belts, earrings, change all must stay in your pockets. Got any cell phones/pagers/blackberries? Keep them ON! Let them ring! In fact, talk on them through out the whole trip! Come on, live a little!

Packing? That is for the birds, or the bees, or rats? Something like that, but basically, who needs it? Just through whatever happens to be on the floor (and preferably clean) into a pile in the back, and head out. If you so desire, you could be a bit more civil and throw it all into a shopping bag, but really, who cares? You have got all the space you could desire. In fact, don’t even pack at all! That just leaves more room for shopping once you get there!

There is a slight downfall in the whole restroom category. Some of them can get fairly scary along the way, but hey, at least you don’t have to deal with only a 2′ x 4′ area, or have to worry about holding “it” while you get through the turbulence (because yeah, that is exactly what you want to do when you really have to go!). You can always just pull off to the side, take a quick leak out on a cactus or something, and then keep trucking along!

Headphones? Who needs them? This way you can throw in that country cd and belt out all the words you know (and mumble the ones you don’t), and know one will look annoyed, put out or out raged about having to sit next to you.

Forgot deoderant? Who cares!! That is why the window and “window-roller-downer” was created! Unless of course you pass that one area that is a dairy farm. If you still smell worse than that, well, there is this wonderful invention called soap. USE SOME!

Subway sandwiches, Taco Hell burritos, A&W burgers, KFC anything…need I say more?

By the time I have found a ride, arrived at the airport, checked in my bags, made it through security, sat around for at least an extra hour due to delays (Southwest Airlines, that is), arrived into San Diego, waited for my baggage to arrive, find my ride and then made it back to my sister’s house, I could have been 3/4 of the way home driving, with ten times less of a hassle (though a much more numb rear end)!! And not to sound too korny, but I actually enjoyed the solitude for the first 4 hours or so; and I didn’t even call anyone until about 3 hours into it. That is 3 whole hours that I talked to absolutely nobdy! I feel a Guinness Book of World Records moment coming on here!

That is it for now. Happy trails and travels to you!


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