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Absolutely NO Will Power

February 11, 2007

Cookie Monster

When it comes to homemade chocolate chip cookies-or even not so homemade, I am a fan of the Safeway/Vons cookie selection. I just cannot say no! If it comes in a package that is already sealed, I have no problems, it stays in its little bag, and could rot for all I care, but once that cookie is brought out into the sunlight, it calls to me; it beckons me in its evil little chocolaty ways. I have even caught one or two with that devilish grin when they thought I wasn’t looking (but I took care of that right quick with a bit of soy ice cream and a couple of chomps). Darn them! They are sooo evil! And then! THEN, I get labeled, “the cookie monster” when it is CLEARLY the cookie’s fault (hey, if I can place the blame on an inadamant third party object, I am all for it!). I mean, it seriously whispers in my ear in its annoying little way making me painfully aware of its presence. What am I SUPPOSED to do? Just let it lie there, on the counter all alone while it is making faces at me?


And down the hatch it goes, another succulent, sugary snack that has been not so sanely justified as a viable source of nutrients. ::sigh:: when will they make cookies healthy? I am still waiting…

Another item of which I have no self control over is the turning off of the TV.

Now, I have no problems being home, alone, and leaving the TV off. I could goes for days without turning the TV on for anything other than watching a movie, but if I happen to walk into the house, and the TV is on without a movie, my night is over. It is a very sad thing indeed when I think of all the productivity I could get out of a night (you know, like surfing through MySpace). But instead, I literally get sucked into the brainlessness of TVLand.

My roommate has no problems watching the boobtube for a bit, and then getting up and leaving, but what she fails to do is actually turn the TV when she leaves the room. Thus, I am stuck sinking lower and lower into the couch, with my brian turning to mush and my eyeballs drying out because I can seem to even remember to blink! It is a horrible, pitiful thing, this TV. And the worst part about it is my roommate has no idea the sufferings I go through after she leaves the room! I physically do NOT have the capability to reach over to the controller and push the off button! It is a good thing that more often than not, Whit has to come back upstairs for something and sees me melting into a pile of nothingness, and eventually will turn the darn thing off.

I suppose this is the punishment I get for not growing up watching TV (and you know what? When I have kids…I will probably do the same thing to them! Why stop the cycle with me? It is all about sharing the love). I even find infomercials enticing (but luckily do not have the power/strength to reach over to the phone to order that blender I never wanted, but now looks like the biggest MUST HAVE of the season!)…I tell you people, it is a crazy bazaar world we live in here, and I have always been amazed, even as a kid, by the people who can sit around and hold a conversation while the TV is on in the background. I am lucky if I can drool and breath at the same time when the TV is on!


Anyway, I just thought I would share. =) Now you all are wondering why in the Hell you ever talked to me in the first place…have a great week!


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