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I Could Learn to Like Golf

February 4, 2007

One of the biggest events known in Phoenix happened this past week/weekend. It is known as the FBR or the Phoenix Open. People from all around come to gaze upon the top named golfers, to be awed by the awesome talents, and to consume more beer than ever thought humanly possible…and if you happen to be male, to feast your eyes upon the sea of recently acquired silicon enhancements (and according to Brandon, this allows males to fall in love multiple times in one day).I, however, did not part-take in these festivities, or at least not the golfing part. I was instead a productive member of society and worked through the golfing parts, but I did find time to make it to the Bird’s Nest, which just so happens to be the HUGE tailgating party AFTER the golfing stuff (personally, not bad timing on my part). There is beer, mixed drinks, music, and MOST importantly, a discrepency in the ratio of guys to girls (in the female favor)! And as we all know, I would just hate to be out numbered by incredibly good looking males. I know, it is a sacrafice, but someone has to be willing to step up to the plate/tee.

By the time you make it to the Bird’s Nest, these guys have been drinking out in the sun all day, so if you work it just right, you can actually go through the whole night with nothing but free drinks. =) 25 years, and this is what I have learned…economics at its finest!

I also learned that the best place to stand at the Bird’s Nest is underneath a heat lamp with my friend Vanessa, and if it is just 2 girls standing all alone, the guys just come right on over without any work on our behalf. It is like going fishing with a net at a trout fishery. You have your pick of the lot.

Yeah, I could like golf.


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