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January 30, 2007

I had the best line thrown my way on Saturday night, it was classy AND classic. And the best part? His girlfriend/wife happened to be sitting right next to him agreeing with him. Scottsdale is a strange, strange land.

Let me give a little background however before I launch into the fabulous line that any guy should tryout within the next week or so. First off, a couple girls and I decided to head off to Scottsdale for a night on the town. However, since I was going hiking semi-early the next morning, I was the DD for the evening, so my soberness may have had something to do with the shock of the pick up line.

Now, for those of you who have never been to Old Town Scottsdale (and lordy if you have, I can’t imagine why you would go back), it is a sea of 24-30-somethings that drive ridiculously expensive cars they can’t actually afford; pay way too much money for far too little clothing and stupid shoes (though, I have to admit, I was not wearing the smartest choice in shoes that evening); and go to bars/clubs where they pay $8+ for a little shooter drink so that they can stand around and gawk at each other. How does this differ from any other bar or club you ask? It is in the middle of the desert, and well, it is just a bit too pretentious for me, but an interesting experience nonetheless. It is amazing to watch these girls prance around in name-brand whatevers, and to watch guy after guy walk past you, and you not really being sure if it was the same guy, or just the next cookie out of the cookie cutter! Seriously, they all wear long sleeved, A&E or Abercrombie & Fitch white background and blue striped collared button up shirts, and jeans. And to be perfectly honest, most are quite a bit prettier than me (and probably own more hair products than me too!).

Now, this is not to say that I didn’t have a good time, because you stick me anywhere where there is music playing and at least a sliver of a dance floor to prance around on, and I am GOLDEN! But, I just thought I would lay the scene out.

Anyway, the line. So, the two girlfriends that I went out with and I were walking back to the restrooms, a guy reached out and tapped me on the shoulder to ask me, “Did you used to wear braces?” This is a new one for me. I’ve had the, “Do I know you from somewhere,” or the, “You’ve got a great smile,” or just the cheeky remark here and there, but this, this one is new. And to top it off, all I could reply with was:

Me: Yes, yes I did.

Him: Yeah, because your teeth are REALLY straight.

Smile Big

Me: Um, yeah, well, they were expensive. Thanks.

And then I went on in my bewildered state to the bathrooms. The only thing I have got to hope is that there were a lot of drinks involved for he and his counterpart throughout the night, and that maybe one of them is in the dental world. Not often am I caught off-guard with comments, but that one, well, it was just odd. And he and his counterpart were just in such awe. All I have got to say is, people are weird.

I then had a dream that night about my huge/horse sized straight teeth. Isn’t it great how the outside world can affect your subconsciousness?

Cheers, and keep brushing/flossing, and then you too can have people comment on your teeth. =)

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