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Who knew evil was soo cute?

December 28, 2006

So, guess what happens when you are patient (though, obviously I am NOT describing myself)? You get a new title! One that does not include the word, “Receptionist” anywhere within it! As of some time next week, there have been talks of Monday, but who knows, I am going to officially be a part of the Human Resources crew! That will bring the department up to a total of…2 people!

The evil part comes from this. The woman who was recently brought into our company, from another one of our companies (bear with me here, it is a bit of a family tree to follow here), Alexion, after that company was disovlved, was “let go” today. Let me just describe the past week that this woman has had (not to mention that Christmas is just around the corner, and she is semi-recently separated from her husband). First, last week, 2 days after she was brought into RBI, she comes down with the flu…so that keeps her out of work for the first two days of her new hiring into the company. Then, she finally drags herself back into the office, but has to make some final clean ups with her prior employer.

Then, over the weekend, one of her uncles dies in a freak work accident, and while her family is in town for that funeral, her brother-in-law is shot and killed in Tucson (I have since been told that it was in a gang fight, but those are just things I have heard, not necessarily fact). So, now she has two dead relatives, and has managed to make it into work for a total of 2 days since being hired (for good reasoning, I would think). And then, today, she finally makes it back into work, and she is released from our company…though I am not exactly sure the reasoning behind it.

On the upside, I am finally moving up in the world (though no added pay bonus, but, I did just get a $2200 pay bonus last week, so I guess that is not too bad). We will see where this takes the megHanis…for now, it is taking me to bed…so tired…yawn.


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