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Katchup….get it? Eh? Eh?

December 4, 2006

James Dean on the Scavenger Hunt

Ok, so I know, long time no hear? What?! Are you ill?!! No, actually what happened was this…they found out at work that there actually WAS an extra body at work up at the front desk, that not only can type, but is pretty good at licking envelopes as well. And, shoot, she isn’t too bad at folding paper into thirds (about 1500 sheets of paper every month…MAN I love statements!!). And have thus been able to keep me just busy enough to not let me toodle around on the internet. Which, I suppose, is actually what I should be getting paid for (the keeping busy, not so much the toodling), but is soo much blander than chatting it up with you folks!

I have, however, now made it slightly past the 3 month mark, and now benefits have kicked in (woohoo!!! Doctors and dentists, oh my!), though I still need to fill out the paperwork to make it official. Then you get all these other fun papers to fill out about retirement plans, 401Ks, and a whole bunch of other acronyms that don’t really make any sense to me. And it makes me wonder, do other people just know about this stuff, and I am just a total space cadet by not knowing how much of a percentage is a good amount (by the way, for all of you who were just about to jump on a reply there…that was a rhetorical statement)? And seriously, how do people make do with families and what not on less than $28,000 a year? I am just getting by here…and I live out in the desert!

So, enough money talk. How about the funky adventures of the crazy megHs? I don’t remember if I told you all, but I joined a singles group out here in AZland. More for the chance of meeting new people, and having fun events to go on with random people, but in a safe environment. As much as I do love the chillaxin’ (chilling + relaxing) at bars with my…2 friends, I thought that it might be time to expand the group a bit. Plus, seriously, there have been times when both Whit AND Brandon have left for the weekend, and I was at a loss for what to do with myself. So, I joined And it has been an interesting experience. I have only been to three events so far, but I have met a few people that have gone to all three with me. And truly, I am in my element when surrounded by a group of people who are there to meet one another in a social setting! I think the first night I went to an event I talked to something like 20 new people, in about a 2 hour time span! And ranging in all ages, from mid 20s to the mid 40s.

Anyway, the last event that I went to was this past Sunday, where we went in teams of 4 on a “Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt,” which is a pretty awesome idea, I have to say. We each got a list of 50 items, which were ranked at different point levels, and we had 3 hours to cruise around the Phoenix Metro area to find all the items. Out of 4 teams, my team came in third, but it was a good time nonetheless!!

You can check out some of the pictures that were taken here:

(and no, I did NOT realize that I was flipping off the camera…but it makes for fun pictures, right? Ones to show the kids later on.)

I have run into a few people my own age, but mostly, so far, it has been more people that are in their upper 30s and 40s. I suppose I just need to branch out on the events that I attend. But, there is always time for that!

So, what is in the near future you ask? Well, let me tell you!! I am starting to think that a career as a professional receptionist may not be quite what I want out of life. However, I have started to ponder, and have been rumminating over the idea of event planning/coordinator. I have heard a couple of “Yeys” to this idea, and am going to look into it further. However, if anyone has any suggestions of where to look and what not, I am all ears!

Ok, that is all for now, but I shall be back soon…I mean, there is Thanksgiving to write about, and other just random occurances…so much to write, so little time. I am also working on updating my pictures and what not…I will get there, I swear!

Cheers and Holly!

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