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Chinese Finger Trap Buttons

November 2, 2006

Just a couple of things…food for thought, if you will.

Why does it always seem that in those moments when you feel like your
bladder is about to explode, the pair of pants that you are wearing
suddenly has about 15 more fasteners on it than it did when you put
them on that morning? And these are never easy fasteners like pearl
snaps…noooo, they are the Chinese Finger Trap equivalent in the
button/clip world! It seems like you will never get them undone…how
do pants manifest that many more buttons without your knowledge? Can
anyone tell me?

Chinese Finger Trap

Also, does anyone else think it is odd that a city out in the middle
of the desert is recognized by as a “Tree City, USA?” I
mean, do Palm Trees really count as a tree? They are more like
really, REALLY tall weeds…they can grow ANYWHERE!! But sure enough,
Scottsdale has been recognized as a Tree City for 24 years now…go

That is all now…back to cutting and pasting…yeay.


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