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Following Instructions

October 31, 2006

Is it really that hard? If someone tells you, “Hey, you need to make a RIGHT at the K-Mart, and then a left at the first stop sign, and then you will see my car out front,” that should be simple enough to follow, right?

Or, if someone says, “Hey, I would like to you alphabetize these for me,” that is fairly self explanatory, right? I mean, I guess you could switch it up and say, “in reverse order.” But seriously, how hard is that?

So, when you go into get your hair trimmed, and the gentleman asks, “So, you would like bangs?” And you reply with, “No, actually I just want to have slightly shorter layers in the front, with the shortest starting slightly below my eyes (here), and then feathering off,” and as this is their profession, he just can’t get it right? I mean, that request should make perfect sense. But apparently it did not. Not only did I almost lose my left eye, have my make-up caked onto my face by the water-spritzer, but I got myself a set of bangs instead of the “whispies” I was going for. I haven’t had bangs since I was a junior in high school! And for 2 very good reasons: 1) I can’t stand bangs on myself, 2) They require waaay too much maintenance and effort…two things I am not really a fan of when it comes to daily hair care, especially at 7am!

But alas, bangs they will be, and funny enough, I actually put an extra 2 minutes into my hair care this morning, and I swear I have gotten more compliments on my hair style today than any other day since I started working here. Funny what life throws you.

I will say though, that I was sooo mad that I really could have spit on someone. Rarely do I actually get angry enough that I am shaking, but wow, did that do it for me! Thing is, when I truly get mad, I get very, VERY quite. That is when you need to worry. I won’t scream, I just simmer up to a boil, and if looks could kill, oh you bet your butt that man would have been 6 feet under by now. However, after about an hour of off and on simmering, I finally decided that well, no use in crying over spilt milk (today is, by the way, official cliché day, incase you were wondering…at least it is on the megHanis calendar), and make the best of the situation, right? We will see.

Look of Death

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