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The CarePackage

October 26, 2006

I think that quite possibly one of the best things in life is to still receive SnailMail. I mean the instantaneousness of email, and the abundance of possible cyber-interactions with people that you know in a day is great, FAN-tastic even…it makes me feel loved, definitely. However, still receiving that letter in the mail (something other than junkmail), the joy of opening the mailbox and seeing an unexpected letter from someone that you know, is the greatest feeling…a nice way to put a smile on your face after a day of great/not so great day at work.

Recently I have been the recipient of not only the monthly calendar of events for the Phoenix Metro Area from my Auntie Mary, but I have also received a postcard from Hanns (one of the splendid people that Meagan O, Mike and I met in Berlin during our travels last year) who just recently visited Moscow, and the famous carepackage from my ever loving MommyGorgeous (MG).

Now I don’t know how many of you moved away for your college/university years (for most, that would be the 18-22ish range), but if you did, then you must know about these glorious things called carepackages. They are like little bundles of joy wrapped in an old shoebox with stuff, that before you moved out, you would have considered mundane, but now seem to like heaven on earth! Take for instance, the average piece of Dove Dark Chocolate. When living at home with the Parents is a tasty candy, but lacks luster on any other account. Basically, it is just candy.

BUT, box it up in an old shoebox, slap some packing tape on the box with an address lable, and you have got the makings of the most excitment you have felt since your last birthday when you ripped through all that paper to uncover that ipod you have been wanting for at least 2 months. Maybe if you are lucky enough, you will have a creative MG, like myself, who will wrap up that tiny piece of chocolate in exciting bags, write fun notes for you to uncover, and send the package without any prior notice. This my friends, is the essence of simple joys in life. What was once the mundane, now has become the extraordinary!

When you first move off to college/university/out of the house, the first package is usually your first contact with the old familiar ways from home, and are looked upon with excitement and a smile, but not too much else. But, as the year wears on, and all of a sudden you start to uncover the meaning of “budgeting” (and who came up with that anyway? It stinks! Why don’t our parents just pay for everything for the rest of our lives? That would make mine MUCH easier to figure out!! None of these pesky bill things! But, I digress), and how simple things like that favorite candybar, are now given dollar amounts:

“Hmmm, one candy bar, let’s see, well that is about $0.89, which is equivalent to either one full drying load, or 1.5 loads of wash…clothes or chocolate? Do I have any underware? Darn, wash it is.”

It is a sad thing folks, but that is what make these carepackages so amazing!! Socks, razorblades, homemade brownies/cookies, candy, fun and funky headmabobbers are now the most exciting things you could ever possibly imagine receiving! And you are the envy of all of those around you, as they stare (some may even be brought to a whole other level: drool) in disbelief that the package has your name upon it and not theirs. Then, just to rub it in their faces, you slowly unwrap the brownies, and let the wonderous scent envelop all those who surround you, altering their state of mind, and sending them drifting off into the land of chocolate, only to be wrenched back out of the dreamland with you taking a huge, monsterous even, bite of that luscious brownie. As you slowly chew your little bite of heaven, you close your eyes; your head starts to slowly sway from side to side, and you emit sounds of content as a smile slowly starts to spread across your face. The jealousy starts to grow amongst the hungry crowd, and that one person tries to make the bold move towards your box of happiness. But no sooner has the thought been put into motion, do you snap out of your glorious state of statisfaction, to rip the magic box out of view from the greedy mass. But then, the greed turns to saddness, and the guilt sets in, and you ultimately end up sharing the contents of the box with those around you…which actually, probably ends up being the best case scenario, because, I don’t know about you, but I would be about a 400lbs hefer by now if I kept all of those magic boxes to myself!

Anyway, the point is this, joy really is a simple thing to give to someone else. I haven’t received a carepackage in quite awhile (could have to do with the fact that I don’t seem to stay put anywhere for longer than about 2 months these days), and opening that box that holds the “large” packages today definitely put a smile on my face, and I even had to brag to my housemate about how my Mommy loves me…and I have to say, it was a great feeling. I hope you are all lucky enough to receive carepackages every now and then (and if not…guilt trips are the best tool in that situation).

Happy Thursday to All!


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