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Sweet, sweet Victory

October 23, 2006

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you thought about it repeatedly? Maybe you have even dreamed about it a couple times, or the worst case scenario…you actually hallucinate that it is right in front of you, when clearly, there is no reason for it to be there? But then, the glorious day finally arrives…the heavens open up and shower their light and glory upon you…it is like you weigh almost nothing at all and you are floating along in clouds that for some reason or another look like fields of golden poppies. It is a beautiful, glorious day with the perfect amount of warmth, sunning the side of your face as you run through these fields of…now they have changed to clovers (what are those anyway?)…in one word: bliss.

Bliss, for all intents and purposes, arrived yesterday for me. That’s right folks! The fair is FINALLY in Phxland! The wait for the most disgusting, deep-fried, yumminess is finally over. I am not kidding, I have had DREAMS about eating fair-food, and in particular, FUNNEL CAKE!! I know, I am sick…but, oh was it tasty…well, that, the mondo-corn-dog that started the night off, followed by one beer, then followed by an entire ear of corn…another beer, and then finishing with the splendor of the FUNNEL CAKE (and then two more cookies at home, a couple handfuls of potato chips, and one loan carrot stick…gotta get the veggies in there somehow)!!! I drool now just thinking about the possibility of having just one more tantalizing bite of the FUNNEL CAKE!!

Funnel Cake, Beer 1

Originally uploaded by meghanis.

I did not, however, try the ENTIRE leg of turkey or the fried coca cola on a stick…I have no idea how this is to work, which of course is why it must be tried (both are possibilities for next time, oh, and there will BE a next time). And I don’t even like Coke, nor do I drink soda!

I do have to say that the Arizona State Fair cannot EVEN compare to the Del Mar Fair/aka San Diego County Fair. The entire AZ fair could probably fit into my 1900 sq. ft. condo, and still have room for all the Carnies (yeay, carnies…they ARE a BREED of people, by the way), but the important part is that they have the Midway with all the artery clogging, heart-stopping, dripping with tastiness food that you can purchase for the same price as a down payment on a 2007 Mercedes Benz (you choose the model). But for some reason when it is an immediate consumable item, it is sooo worth it, or so it seems. I do not state this proudly, but Whit and I managed to blow through $60 together in under 1.5 hours, at the fair on nothing other than parking, admission, and food (don’t tell her that I said that). Who needs to eat for the rest of the week? NOT ME!!

However, I get another go at it this weekend because the band that got me into my country phase happens to be playing at the fair, and is free to see (with admission into the fair)!! Big and Rich, here I come!! Gotta get my stompin’ boots on, my hat, and I am set! Unfortunately/Fortunately, I think I am going to have to go to this one alone, as country, amazingly enough (to me), is not a huge deal out here in the good ole SouthWest. Watch out world, a San Diegan semi-cowgirl is gonna be on the loose this weekend! Yee-Haw!



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